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Vehicle access. Drive your car on to the set.

Encore Film And Music Studio provides affordable resources, in a professional environment, in which visual artists and entertainers can creatively realize their vision.


Enjoy over 4500 sq. ft. of rental studio and production space. Come meet Moby, our 112 ft. pre-lit cyc wall at a height of 16 ft.; 52 ft. concave white, 18ft. black, and 42 ft. concave green screen. Includes vehicle access, free parking, two dressing/make-up rooms, two rest rooms, client lounges with flat screens, snack area with kitchenette, and conference room.


Perfect for photo/video shoots, rehearsal space and special events. From art shows to corporate soirees and photo/video shoots, Encore Film And Music Studio combines rare elegance with clean lines to provide a blank canvas for creating your vision.


24 hour around the clock booking, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!  

Encore Film And Music Studio Floor Plan
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