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Encore Film and Music Studio is a 4500 sq. ft. facility complete with reception area, conference/production room, two dressing rooms complete with make-up stations, snack area/vending, two client lounges, projector, vehicle access, and an acoustically treated soundstage with an amazing 112 ft. cyc wall. With 365/24/7 around the clock booking, we'll make the time for you. Call now.

Ph. 770-895-3760.


Photography, Video, Film Production 

$95 - 1hr.


$75 PER HOUR - 2 to 4 hrs.


$70 PER HOUR - 5 to 11 hrs.


  $65 PER HOUR - 12+ hrs. (Day Rate)

Vehicle Access - $75

RGB Studio

Add $250 to rate schedule



Overtime – based on hourly rate, and subject to availabilities.