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Whereyour dreams become reality

Two locations

Located in Atlanta, Encore Film And Music Studio is proud to offer a 5000 sq. ft. film & photography studio for anyone looking for a unique creative mecca.

  • Equipment Rental

  • Refreshments and snack lounge

  • Client lounges with wide screen tv's

  • Vehicle and prop access

  • Wardrobe and make up rooms

  • Free WIFI

  • HD Projector

  • Around the clock booking 365 days a year


3938 Shirley Dr.

Atlanta, GA 30336

Encore Film And Music Studio presents

Capture by encore

Capture by Encore is a cutting-edge photography and podcast studio, proudly brought to you by Encore Film And Music Studio. Building on our reputation for exceptional quality and service, Capture by Encore offers a unique space for capturing stunning visuals and engaging audio content.

  • Photography

  • Videography (Interviews)

  • Podcast (Filming optional)


3201 Atlanta Industrial Pkwy. NW Ste. 213

Atlanta, GA 30331

Sets at Encore

Encore Film And Music Studio offers a collection of authentic sets available for rental. Our sets include a hospital room, a Gulf Stream 800 private jet, and a jail cell - all designed to provide the most realistic and immersive filming experience for your project. All of our sets are meticulously crafted and offer unique features not found in any other production.

Special efx at Encore

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